mFIT – mobile Feedback Informed Treatment

mFIT is a mobile personal health record that is designed to empower patients with a variety of features. mFIT gives patients a summary of their case file including; a record of their appointments, notification of upcoming appointments, personalised hints, tips and encouragement between sessions. mFIT automatically reminds clients to submit routine feedback on their engagement and progress in treatment which are two of the key parameters that predict whether treatment will succeed or not.

mFIT running on mobile phones

Having input their feedback patients input their scores patients receive instant feedback showing their expected treatment response. The general trajectory of change in successful treatment is predictable. Based on a sample of 427,744 administrations, in 95,478 unique episodes of care, provided by 2,354 different clinicians we can instantly demonstrate to patients whether this treatment is a FIT for them and facilitate more meaningful interactions with their clinicians at the point of care.

The Expected Treatment Response of both successful and ultimately unsuccessful treatments must be determined and the individual clients progress compared to both benchmarks. Adjustments can be made to the services offered when the client’s session by session outcomes fit the ETR of treatments that ended unsuccessfully.

mFIT Individual Client Progress Compared to Benchmarks

This mFIT App integrate directly into your EHR or EPD system to ensure clinicians and case managers can track clients between face to face or telephone sessions.

openFIT Integration

We have a number of additional exciting features in the pipeline for mFIT to enhance treatment and optimise service.
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